About us

Our Law Firm was founded in 2005 by the founding members Remus Ciuraru, Decebal Lohan and Ioana Gabriela Manole, motivated by their desire to create a professional and dynamic team of lawyers, specialized in various law branches, available anytime to provide to their clients the best personalized services, based on their individual needs.

The principles underlying the functioning of our Firm have helped to build, over time, lasting relationships with our clients, knowing that they can count anytime on the professionalism, loyalty, confidentiality and integrity of our team of lawyers.

The legal framework in Romania, being in a permanent change and harmonization with the European legislation, has a pronounced specific character and by understanding this aspect, we provide to our clients:

  • Quality services, personalized based on their individual needs and requirements
  • The confidentiality of their information
  • Prompt legal advice, on the subject
  • Assistance and representation in order to settle by negotiation any litigation
  • Representation in Court

We closely collaborate with experts in various branches (real estate, accountancy, audit, etc.) in order to provide a full package of services to our clients.

The most important objective for us is our client’s satisfaction, reaching the goals they proposed by contracting the services of S.C.Av. Ciuraru, Lohan, Manole si Asociatii.

The legal assistance we offer is complex, we represent our clients in national courts as well as in international courts, having numerous law suits won nationally and internationally.

We collaborate with bailiff offices in order to enforce the favorable solutions, when our clients are in the obligee position.

The measuring unit we promote when it comes to qualification of our services is our client’s success, because their success is our success.