Personalization of our services is very important, for us and for our clients as well, and that is why the first business meeting is always free, in order to establish the services and the fee, depending on our client’s requests.

The clients always fear the costs involved by a law suit. We are also aware of the fact that clients consider they received what they were lawfully entitled to receive, whenever a law suit is won.

Thereby, our lawyers are trying to do everything they can in order to minimize the costs involved in any litigation, regarding our fees and the trial costs as well.

Our law firm has always adopted normal fees, proportional with the activities performed for the client.

Also, you will always have access to a progress sheet which will keep track of the activities performed for you, as well as the fees related to each of those activities.

The correspondence with our clients is very prompt as well.

Each cost and fees will be explained as detailed as possible. In case there are some unexpected budget overcome or in case there is a need for additional services, you shall be informed in advance, in order to take the right decision.

For our company, the most important objective is the final success of our client, not the number of the billable work hours, that is the reason why in the invoice, whenever it’s necessary, will be mentioned the costs of the international phone calls and fax transmissions, the postal and express mail services, copying and printing documents.